Fort Worth Area Contractor Expands AC, Plumbing, & Electrical Service Area

Berkeys Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., remains to expand its service location beyond its Northeast Tarrant County roots by extending operations into Irving, Haltom City, Euless, Pantego, Hurst, Watauga and other communities in the main and south areas of the DFW city.

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Berkeys, a seasonal customer favorite in local newspaper surveys in Southlake, Colleyville, Grapevine and other Northeast Tarrant County neighborhoods, has taken pleasure in strong growth throughout the recent years of economic recession. Berkeys president Bill Stevens attributes its success to worker training, an extreme focus on consumer satisfaction and its distinctive Universal Protection Plan service arrangement.

“Our genuine company is not air plumbing, heating or conditioning service– it’s client service,” Stevens stated. “We realize our consumers have other alternatives, so we work fanatically to provide an exceptional house service experience for our consumers that leaves them discussing it for weeks and months.”.

Fantastic service requires excellent devotion. Each Berkeys staff member receives more than 150 hours of training every year to build technical and customer service abilities. When Berkeys moved into a larger headquarters structure in March, Stevens established a devoted training center.

“From our consumers’ perspective, our plumbers, Air Conditioning and heating professionals and customer care agents are the company, so it follows that we should invest greatly in our people,” Stevens stated.

Likewise main to the business’s success: the Universal Protection Plan service arrangement, something distinct in the plumbing service and heating and heating and cooling markets. It consists of annual tune ups on all main heating and cooling systems in a home, no matter how many, as well as a “preventive plumbing” evaluation each year, all for $99.

Most rivals charge almost as much for a single tune up on one central air conditioning or heating unit. Considering each tune up needs about one hour to finish, the value of a single contract for all tune ups is right away obvious. Property owners with one central Air Conditioning and heating system save cash, however for those with 2 more systems, the cost savings in tune up costs alone amount to numerous dollars each year.

While the service agreement is a loss leader, Berkeys considers it a sound investment in establishing long-term customer relationships. Clients like it, too: Thousands buy and restore Universal Protection Plan contracts every year and tell others about it– about half of Berkeys new company originates from references. Also, all AC, plumbing and heating service is priced by flat rates, not hourly. Customers know ahead of time just how much a task will cost, whether it takes one day or one hour.

Stevens said Berkeys service area expansion does not come at the cost of any existing consumers.
“We thought this through thoroughly, and we didn’t make a move to expand till we understood we could do it with no adverse result on our long-time client base in Grapevine, Southlake, Colleyville, Flower Mound and other surrounding locations,” he said.

About Berkeys.
Berkeys Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning has focused on the requirements of homeowners in Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville and Flower Mound for 35 years. Berkeys credibility for timely, honest service from licensed and factory qualified professionals ensures consumers the best in professional service, incorporated with leading brands including American Standard, Rinnai, Toto, In Sink Erator and more. Call Berkeys at 1-877-BERKEYS, or see our site at

Gigantic Shark Remains Found Near Fort Worth Texas

Outside Fort Worth, scientists unearthed the remains of enormous creature not commonly associated with the North Texas plains: a mega shark. Scientists from the University of Oklahoma announced the discovery Wednesday in the clinical journal Plos One with an article entitled “A Gigantic Shark from the Lower Cretaceous Duck Creek Development of Texas.”. “

Ancient remains of gigantic shark found near Fort Worth, Texas

These specimens are vital since they represent a few of the biggest released lamniform shark vertebrae from the Early Cretaceous of The United States and Canada.”.

Lamniform is a typical family of sharks that consists of the Great White– however this sharks appears practically twice as big as the kin of Jaws. It was recognized based upon 3 fossilized vertebrae, which give scientists a great estimate of the shark’s length– they say about 20 feet long at minimum.

But the exact species of the shark is unclear. Researchers believe it’s leptostyrax macrorhiza, of which bigger specimens have been unearthed in Kansas. The shark lived about 140 million years earlier, when nearly all of Texas was covered in a shallow sea or muddy swamps and the air was warmer than it is today.


Tiny shelled sea creatures and terrific aquatic predators milled about the vast waters of the Lone Star State. It was a time of greenhouse environment, when high international temperature levels melted most polar ice. At the same time, the sluggish birth of the Rocky Mountains in The United States and Canada pressed down the earth throughout much of the continent.

Add those together and you have oceans in Texas. However the Texas shark rattles researchers’ concepts of those very ancient seas, where giant lizard-like animals were formerly believed the dominant and sole predator of the seas. Now they know there were at least 2 mammoth beasts that swam through Texas in those days.

The discovery also enhances the idea that sharks, especially lamniform sharks, are some of the most ancient huge animals of modern-day times.

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